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  Automotive Gear Oils - EP 140


Castrol EP 140 is a mineral based extreme pressure multi-purpose gear oil containing anti-oxidant and anti-foam additives to protect against problems due to
oil oxidation, gear tooth corrosion and oil foam. It also contains a special E.P. additive to cope with the conditions of high rubbing pressures experienced in
hypoid units.


Castrol EP 140 is primarily recommended for the lubrication of commercial vehicle spiral bevel final drives. It may also be used to lubricate spur and helical
gears where the manufacturer specifies the use of an E.P. oil.


API Service Level GL4
SAE Viscosity Rating 140
Relative Density @ 20º C 0.900
Viscosity @ 100º C, mm²/s 26.0
Viscosity Index 97
Flash Point (closed) ºC 192
Pour Point ºC -12