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Automotive Gear Oils - EPX Range


Castrol EPX 80W-90 and EPX 85W-140 are mineral based extreme pressure
multigrade gear oils and incorporate extreme pressure additives, corrosion and
oxidation inhibitors and anti-foam agents.


Castrol EPX 80W-90 and EPX 85W-140 were developed for the lubrication of spiral
bevel and hypoid differentials, but are also suitable for the lubrication of manual
transmissions where the manufacturer recommends the use of an oil to API GL5


lLoad carrying performance to API GL-5 provides excellent
protection to gears operating under the most severe service conditions.
lMultigrade characteristics give wide operating temperature range with particular
benefits in low temperature performance.


API Service Level GL-5
US Claim MIL-L-2105D - Meets Requirements
ZF TE-ML- 01A/05A/07A/12A - Approved


Viscosity Rating 80W-90 85W-140
Relative Density @ 20º C 0.895 0.905
Viscosity @ 40º C, mm²/s 133.7 336.6
Viscosity @ 100º C, mm²/s 14.0 25.8
Viscosity Index 101 100
Flash Point (open) º C 173 175
Pour Point ºC -30 -18