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Automotive Gear Oils - Syntrax Universal


Castrol Syntrax Universal 75W-90 is a part synthetic multigrade gear oil which employs advanced technology additives to ensure extra protection at extreme
low and high operating temperatures.
Tested and proven, this SAE 75W-90 multigrade gear oil is synchromesh compatible and designed with a low chlorine formulation to allow environmentally
responsible disposal of used oil.


It meets the need for a 'universal' gear oil which can be used in automotive manual gearboxes, transaxles, transfer boxes and final drives where stringent
performance specifications including API GL3, GL4 or GL5 must be met.
It is suitable for all units requiring a gear oil of SAE 75W, 80W or 90; including multigrade formulations within this range, e.g. 75W-90, 80W-90 and 85W-90
and can replace the following conventional Castrol gear oils:
Castrol EP 80 Castrol EPX 80W-90
Castrol EP 90


API GL3, 4, 5


SAE Viscosity Rating 75W-90
Relative Density @ 20º C 0.890
Viscosity @ 40º C, mm²/s 84.8
Viscosity @ 100º C, mm²/s 15.2
Viscosity Index 189
Flash Point (closed) º C 133
Pour Point º C -45