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Automotive Sundries - Antifreeze


Castrol Antifreeze & Summer Coolant is a balanced formulation of mono ethylene glycol and corrosion inhibitors.


Castrol Antifreeze & Summer Coolant is recommended for use in the cooling systems of petrol or diesel vehicles with aluminium or
cast iron engines, all year round. Castrol Antifreeze & Summer Coolant is manufactured to BS 6580:1992, a 33% concentration will
protect down to -18ºC. However, Castrol recommend that the coolant mixture strength be maintained at 50% Antifreeze/50% water.
This ratio will provide for frost protection down to -35ºC. Whilst this level of protection is excessive for service conditions encountered
in the U.K., it is important to note that this mixture is essential to maintain the correct level of corrosion inhibitors.


Castrol Antifreeze & Summer Coolant provides excellent protection against corrosion, and because it contains no phosphate, the
problems of deposits in some modern performance engines are reduced. In addition to providing excellent corrosion and low
temperature protection, the use of the recommended level of Antifreeze will significantly reduce the likelihood of wet cylinder liner
pitting due to " cavitation erosion". Cavitation erosion is caused by the implosion of air bubbles present in the coolant and which are
attracted to the liner outer surface. These bubbles implode, resulting in the removal of minute amounts of liner material - this, if allowed
to continue unchecked, will result in liner porosity and severe engine damage.